Create a newsletter in minutes

Fast-track your research and instantly build a first draft by summarizing relevant links

Engage your audience with relevant content that's to the point

Use summaries to create text they'll actually read

PR Agencies
Quickly generate summarized news bulletins that keep their clients informed in a concise format.
Internal Comms Teams
Monitor industry and competitive news and quickly distill what's relevant for internal distribution.
Newsletter Writers
Fast-track research and build a first draft of summarized links.
Financial Analysts
Stay on top of relevant industry developments and instantly create summarized news updates for your team.

Cut research time from hours to minutes

Get a feed of summarized content. Understand any article in seconds, filter what’s relevant, and only spend time reading what matters.

Automate the hard parts of creating a newsletter

Add a few links and within seconds get a newsletter draft that summarizes each link into easy-to-read ideas.

Export your final draft to any platform

  • Copy in Markdown, unformatted, or formatted for any email provider
  • Export as a JSON file
  • Publish to a URL that anyone can view

I used to spend hours researching a piece. Summari does this for me and gives me a first draft in seconds. Now I spend my time making sure my writing is engaging and concise instead of chasing down sources. With Summari, writing a piece of content only takes me 15 minutes start to finish.

Isabelle Lee

Head of Content, Bonsai News

Educate your audience in a fraction of the time

Provide succinct updates on the latest industry and competitive news that your audience will enjoy reading

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