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Editorial links

Two endpoints provide different types of summaries for editorial content, depending on your use-case:

Short summary

  • A 3-5 bullet point summary (~120 words).
  • This format is perfect for previewing content and giving users just enough information to pique their interest.

Detailed summary

  • A list of bullet points that captures the content's important details.
  • This format is a more comprehensive summary that targets 10-20% of the length of the original text.


This endpoint provides a summary of the dialogue’s key ideas. It is fine-tuned to synthesize important information from sales calls, customer support threads, meetings, videos, and podcasts.

The Transcripts endpoint is tuned to provide a useful summary regardless of length:

  1. Capture the key takeaways with a list of bullet points from a transcript of unlimited length.
  2. For more detailed long transcripts over 5,000 words, in addition to the comprehensive bullets, the Transcript+ API creates a short (~3 bullet) preview and a one-line introduction to provide additional context.

Product Reviews

User reviews are super useful but burdensome to read and analyze. Help your customers shop with confidence, and your team better interpret user feedback, by providing a synthesis of user reviews.

In seconds, the Product Reviews endpoint can read thousands of reviews, identify common themes, remove unwanted anecdotal commentary, and output a distillation of key ideas.


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detailed summary

$0.0002 /word

Short summary

$0.0007 /word


$0.0001 /word


$0.00015 /word


$0.0002 /word

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