How AI summaries work

AI is only as good as the data it's



Our AI training data is created from

thousands of hours 

of human work

We built a community of top university students that produced thousands of article summaries.

They’re trained to analyze texts and summarize the key ideas. We check every summary for quality, accuracy, and objectivity.

This hands-on approach creates the only data set of its kind and enables the superior quality of our AI summary generator.
Summary schematic

The AI is trained on this data set to similarly create summaries

Our summary generator uses Natural Language Processing, an AI method that understands human language patterns.

Using this training data, we teach the AI to imitate our human approach to text summarization: breaking the source text up into thematic chunks, identifying the key ideas from each section, and tying them all together.

Formatted for

easy reading

Thoughtful, organized formatting is how text summaries maximize reader speed and comprehension.

Our AI is trained to format each of our text summaries into an intro, key ideas, and supporting bullets to ensure the main ideas are easy to internalize.

This thematic approach to formatting is simple for humans but a breakthrough for AI.
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Context-setting Intro
Key Ideas
Detailed Bullets

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