Using Summari to Improve SEO With No Effort is a No-Brainer for Wiideman Consulting Group

Steve Wiideman, Isabelle Lee
January 13, 2023
  • SEO experts Wiideman Consulting Group wanted to improve user experience on its site by leveraging links to provide more context to deliver better and more helpful content for readers.
  • They turned to Link Previews, and in the 90 days since they launched the product, organic traffic increased by about 7.5%, the number of pages viewed per session went up by 4.3%, and the average duration of a user’s time on the site went up by 9%.

Wiideman Consulting Group has provided expert SEO and SEM advice and services since 1998. The group has worked with some of the largest e-commerce, service, and franchise brands. While they provide clients with expert SEO advice, they don’t always take their own advice for their website. So, when they found Link Previews, they were eager to try an AI-driven solution that would give readers better and more helpful results on their website. Ninety days after implementing Previews, organic traffic increased by about 7.5%, page views per session increased by 4.3%, and the average session duration went up by 9.09%. Local SEO also increased. The only change they had made to the site was to implement Link Previews, which was included placing one line of code in their website header. Wiideman is now excited to share Link Previews with their clients as a tool to improve SEO immediately. 

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