How KnowTechie improved dwell time and bounce rate with Summari

Kevin Raposo, Brett Byron, Isabelle Lee
January 11, 2023
  • KnowTechie used Previews to keep their word count low and deliver more information to readers.
  • After implementing Previews, readers of KnowTechie spent more time on page, which increased ad impressions and drove revenue.
  • Integrating Previews helped KnowTechie improve bounce rate and increase dwell time without slowing down site performance metrics like page load time.

KnowTechie is a publication dedicated to helping readers understand technology, even if they live outside the tech bubble. With so many outlets to turn to for answers, KnowTechie finds that articles under 1,000 words best keep readers’ attention. 

Their challenge is answering the many questions readers have in that short format. When KnowTechie discovered Summari Previews, they thought it was the perfect solution.

A better reading experience drives improvement in key site metrics

Our readers hit our site with a lot of questions which is why we intra-link related articles. Now when readers need additional information they get it with the Preview. It gives readers more information in less effort and fewer bounces.

Kevin Raposo, Founder of KnowTechie

In addition to the improved reader experience, KnowTechie was impressed with how much Previews impacted key site metrics. Google Analytics showed a 15% decrease in bounce rate after Previews were implemented. Further, when Previews were A/B tested vs No Previews, the Previews group saw a 20% increase in time on page. More time on page means more ad impressions and higher revenue. 

These metrics represent site-wide impact and illustrate an opportunity for further improvement as more readers build a habit of interacting with Previews.

The graphic below shows the impact specifically for users who read previews:

Core performance metric improvements that KnowTechie saw using Summari Link Previews

Fast, easy, no-risk implementation

KnowTechie gets a lot of interest from companies pitching solutions, but they’re usually heavy and slow down the site. In contrast, the Summari Previews script doesn’t slow down the site at all. The revenue upside from Previews with no impact on site performance is, for a publication like KnowTechie, a really big win.

Summari was also super easy to install. KnowTechie installed the script and was live within just one minute. According to Kevin, it’s “one of the easiest integrations I’ve ever done in my life.”

With Summari Previews, KnowTechie was able to create more value for readers with very little effort and no performance concerns. Within one minute, KnowTechie was on its way to an improved user experience that decreases bounce rate while improving both dwell time and ad impressions.

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