How Front Office Sports used Summari Previews to quickly improve key SEO metrics

Vlad Verba, Edgar Walker, Isabelle Lee, Brett Byron
January 18, 2023
  • Front Office Sports partnered with Summari to improve SEO metrics.
  • By improving SEO metrics like dwell time and bounce rate with Previews, Front Office Sports increased brand authority and made their website more of a destination for their audience.
  • Integrating Previews onto their website was easy, and they immediately saw positive results.

Front Office Sports is a multi-platform media brand at the intersection of business and sports. They have over a million active readers and generate revenue mostly through advertising and premium subscriptions.

Front Office Sports was introduced to Summari while searching for tools to help accelerate growth and engagement on their website. Improving SEO, building brand authority, and making a destination for their audience was a top priority for the company.

Previews is a tangible solution with immediate benefits

Front Office Sports was drawn to Previews because in a world of generic SEO advice, Previews is a tangible solution that immediately improves core site metrics. A few FOS team members had already seen Summari on Twitter and knew they could trust the high quality content generated by Previews. 

“The goal we had in using Previews was to ensure users could get the full gist of a story without needing to navigate away from their current article. Just like we do with our inbox-native daily newsletter product, our aim is to make the reading experience as seamless and easy as possible. Implementation was a breeze, and we aimed to decrease bounce rate and see Previews’ impact on other key web experience metrics.”

 Edgar Walker, VP Audience Ops & Analytics

Summari improves key SEO metrics for Front Office Sports

The impact of Previews could be seen almost immediately after it was implemented. When Previews were A/B tested vs No Previews, the Previews group saw a 16% increase in time on page. This impact was site-wide and continues to improve as more readers build a habit of interacting with Previews. More time on page means more ad impressions and higher revenue.  

For users interacting with Previews, the impact was significantly higher:

A low-effort tool that enhances reader experience

While most plug-ins are clunky, impact page load speed, and are intrusive to the reader, FOS liked that Previews provides a small, quick summary that enhances the reader experience without slowing down page load time at all.

“When it was first implemented we would occasionally go in and check if the script was working, but now we trust it just works. At one point we wanted to customize the implementation for our site layout. The team at Summari was responsive and reacted immediately to support us.”

Vlad Verba, Product Manager

With Summari Previews, Front Office Sports was able to immediately improve key SEO metrics with an elegant, lightweight solution that improves the reader experience. By improving SEO, Previews is helping Front Office Sports establish its website as a destination site for sports professionals. 

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