Featured Series: a16z's building bridges between web2 and web3 series

Future by a16z
February 24, 2022

Today, a16z released a series of articles about building connections between web2 and web3.

We summarized them all for you to filter what's worth going deeper on.

Happy reading 👇

Go-to-Market in Web3: New Mindsets, Tactics, Metrics

by: Maggie Hsu

A Guide to DeSci, the Latest Web3 Movement

by: Sarah Hamburg

The Missing Link Between Web2 and Web3: Custody

by: Mahesh Vellanki

Building for the 99% Developers

by: Jean Yang

How to Excel in Tech Without Learning to Code

by: Justin Gage

How to Use Massive AI Models (Like GPT-3) in Your Startup

by: Elliot Turner

Why SQL Needs Software Libraries

by: George Fraser, Derrick Harris

Info Diet: Replit CEO Amjad Masad

by: Amjad Masad

Anatomy of a Biotech Business Development Deal

by: Jorge Conde, Becky Pferdehirt

Hardcore Software: When Microsoft Office Went Enterprise

by: Steven Sinofsky

A product manager’s guide to web3

by: Lenny Rachitsky, Jason Shah

The AI pioneer says it’s time for smart-sized, “data-centric” solutions to big issues

by: Andrew Ng, Eliza Strickland

Meet the hundreds of horse girls running Red Dead Online's kindest posse

by: Lauren Morton

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