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These Benefits of Running Are Actually Backed by Science

by Amber Sayer | Aug 15, 2022

The list of benefits of running is extensive, spanning the gamut from improving cardiovascular fitness to reducing stress. Here are some of the key benefits:

Running Improves Markers of Health

Studies have shown that consistent running can lower blood pressure and resting heart rate, improve blood sugar control, lower triglycerides, and lower cholesterol. It can also reduce waist circumference and body fat percentage. Improving these markers of health can reduce disease risk and help you feel healthier overall.

Running Improves Cardiovascular Health

If you’ve ever run to catch a subway, child, or your dog, and felt breathless immediately afterward, it probably comes as no surprise that running works your cardiovascular system. Your heart rate increases as you run to pump more blood (and thus oxygen and nutrients) to your working muscles.

Does running lower blood pressure?
Any type of cardiovascular exercise, such as running, will help to reduce your blood pressure by increasing the levels of oxygen in your blood and reducing blood vessel stiffness, allowing blood to easily flow through the body.

A 2020 American College of Cardiology study found running made arteries younger & lowered blood pressure.
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While much has been written about the Great Resignation, a new term has emerged to describe an increasingly common alternative to resigning: “quiet quitting.” Driven by many of the same underlying factors as actual resignations, quiet quitting refers to opting out of tasks beyond one’s assigned duties and/or becoming less psychologically invested in work. Quiet quitters continue to fulfill their primary responsibilities, but they’re less willing to engage in activities known as citizenship behaviors: no more staying late, showing up early, or attending non-mandatory meetings.

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Google announced today a small but useful update to Gmail that will allow users to soon be able to track their upcoming package deliveries directly from their inbox. The feature works by looking for emails that include tracking numbers, then using that information to determine the order’s expected delivery date and flagging this for you right in your inbox.

Google will now allow users to track package deliveries from their Gmail.

Product review:

This machine is sturdy and well built. The touch screen allows you to make multiple preset espresso drinks, but the machine also lets you customize your espresso drinks to your individual taste. This machine has been the perfect combination of "push button convenience" for my wife and "do it exactly the way you like it" for me.

Sturdy, well built, convenient, customizable espresso drinks

Summarize this podcast transcript:

And the founders of the company we're gonna talk about today, Blue Mercury, Well, they manage to learn and apply both of those lessons. The company is best known as a brick and mortar cosmetic store, but it's also a pretty significant e-commerce site for beauty products. Today there are nearly 200 blue Mercury locations across the us. The co-founders, Marla and Barry Beck started out as purely platonic business partners and ended up a married couple with three kids. Their first store wasn't launched in LA or New York, or even a glamorous city like Miami, but rather in Washington DC And that was back in the late 1990s when DC was pretty much a backwater when it came to fashion or trends.

The founders of Blue Mercury started as platonic business partners who built a brick-and-mortar and e-commerce beauty business based in Washington D.C.
Then, they ended up married with kids and owners of a company with 200 locations and a thriving online business.

Speaker 1:
When I think about the relationship between environmental conservation efforts and cultural preservation efforts, they so beautifully converge around the recovery of these shipwrecks, which oftentimes builds artificial coral reefs that then support entire ecosystems.

Speaker 2:
So I would be in really strong support of trying to build a museum where corals can be... Where there would be a coral exhibition and people could come physically and dive or snorkel and see what coral restoration looks like, but also virtually.

Recovering shipwrecks is the perfect convergence of environmental conservation efforts and cultural preservation efforts because the wrecks become havens for entire ecosystems.
Shipwrecks could become museums where visitors can see coral reefs that the ship helped foster.

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